Wednesday, July 20, 2005

This digital world

Many of us are arguing that children and young people are what Marc Prensky called 'digital natives'. That is, that kids are growing up in a world saturated with digital media and digital texts and as a result are developing skill sets around digital literacies in ways that earlier generations did around print. We oldies remain, sadly, 'digital immigrants', always attached by an invisible umbilical cord to the mono-modal literate practices of our own school days. Personally, I have started to think of myself as more of a 'digital asylum seeker'.

Reflecting these issues, there's a debate (see Boing Boing) over how young the youngest MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) is with claims being made for kids as young as 8.

The photo is of an 18 month old who can already pull down her favourite website from the bookmarks and is almost in full control of the mouse! You go girl! In case you're interested, her favourite site is CBeebies and within that, the Balamory pages.

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