Monday, July 18, 2005

Digital Literacies Research Day

Wow.....if you missed it, poor you! The UKLA research day on digital literacies (held at Bath University on 7th July) was brilliant (if i do say so myself). The day's speakers were all phenomenal (Mimi Ito, Julian Sefton-Green, Carey Jewitt, Kerri Facer and Jackie Marsh). Each of them tracked key issues in the move into digital media and digital literacies. For a full report on the day stay tuned to the UKLA website!


Simply Clare said...

Yes Professor Carrington, the day was absolutely fantastic. Thank you for organising such a fabulous range of speakers. I learnt loads and am further inspired (not necessarily a good thing!)
Hope that you will be speaking next year....?

Joolz said...

I agree. Next year we want YOU!!!!
It was a great day thanks Vic.

Joolz said...

I mean Professor Carrington.