Saturday, October 27, 2007

Forgive me blogger-god for I have sinned... has been a long time since I have blogged.

Instead of blogging, I have been in Canada visiting with the University of Alberta. My visit was hosted by the Faculty of Education Technology Council and was arranged by the wondrous Joyce Bainbridge. I got to hang out with people like Mike Carbonaro and Margaret Mackey, give some (well, a lot..) of talks, see Jasper National Park (and sundry wild life), go to ice hockey, talk to teachers and administrators. Totally brilliant!

My thanks to the kind and generous admin, IT and academic staff across all the departments that make up the Faculty of Education @ UoA. Very special place, very special people.

Photo is of Margaret Mackey and Joyce Bainbridge taking a moment to admire the glorious scenery of Angel Glacier in Jasper National Park.

The secret life of poster boards II

And then there were none. Where do all the flyers go? Who decides when the board is too full?

Veeeery intereeesting...