Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jackie Marsh @ UniSA in June

The fabulous Jackie Marsh is presenting a seminar at UniSA. Come if you can.

Professor Jackie Marsh
Her research interests include the role and nature of popular culture, media and new technologies in young children’s early literacy development, both in and outside school. She has conducted research projects exploring children’s access to new technologies and their emergent literacy skills, knowledge and understanding, and has also examined the way parents/carers support their engagement with media and technologies. A recent project was Digital Beginnings, a national survey of 0-6 year olds in the UK and their ruse of popular culture, media and new technologies in the home and early years settings. Professor Marsh has conducted a number of research projects that have explored how creative and innovative teachers have responded to the challenges of the media age, and has written a number of papers considering the way in which access to and use of media and technologies in the early years are gendered in nature. She is also interested in the interaction between digital literacy, gender and identity, and has examined the digital literacy practices of young girls.