Saturday, January 14, 2006

A person whose hipness is non-existent

lachrymology - crying as therapy
lachrymotormouth - one who can't stop talking about her (sic) troubles.
L7 - a square. a person whose hipness is non-existent
L16 - to go L16 is to become haughty and precious in the glow of your own ego

I am enjoying the L section of pseudodictionary.

Other gems include:

z'it - to wipe clean or re-format a computer's hard drive
z-monster - tiredness so excessive you can't keep your eyes open

Bonus round: you can submit your own pseudo-word and meaning to the dictionary and "enshrine your vocabulary on the internet". Love it!

Hmm..interesting how keen we all are to be recognized and valued online: blogs, websites, encyclopedias and dictionaries, photo-sharing sites with attribution levels. Is this where we can finally have our 15 minutes of fame?

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