Sunday, January 15, 2006

G'day (hello) from Australia, the land "down under"!

Australian Barbie® sports an outfit typical of a jillaroo (female rancher) in the outback. Her brown, wide-brimmed hat protects her face from the hot sun while her tan skirt and vest match much of the dusty terrain found in the outback.

Yes, this is exactly what I wore last time i was a jillaroo in Sydney!


Simply Clare said...

Yes you have been very bloggy this week!

Scott said...

Lace in the outback? ... mmm, taming wild beasts (and the animals;) with starched whites. 'Barbie does Conclurry: One woman's tale of bringing embroidery to the bush'?

Victoria Carrington said...

Its a tough job, but some blonde has gotta do it!

I think i've been through cloncurry...i don't see the lace lasting the distance.