Friday, April 09, 2010

Feed your inner Goth

I see you admiring my gothic masterpiece 'untitled'. Make your own deeply gothic poem with The Goth-O-Matic™ Poetry Generator.

It's soooo much fun.


Lisa McDonald said...

It's affirming to see that your blog lives again, Victoria. And it's no surprise, then, that it has the "undead" as a theme ... This is a fab website - I never knew goth poem generation could have so many un/earthly options ...!

Hope all's going well for you.
Lisa M

Victoria Carrington said...

Hi Lisa,
I am slowly reanimating the blog - and myself. Kind of gothic reinvention i guess...

Hope all is well for you :)
take care

Lisa McDonald said...

Reinvention is a good thing, eh. Just as well it's Dr Who week, at least in Adelaide ... and a midnight screening. What could be better?

With ideals long banished, things are fine - thank you.