Friday, August 17, 2007

The secret life of poster boards

One week, they're sad and empty

and the next they're bustling and overcrowded.

Where do all the flyers come from? Where do they go?


Mary Plain said...

What did students do before Word allowed them to put their phone numbers on those little vertical strips at the bottom of every notice?

Victoria Carrington said...

Exactly!!! There's one buried in there somewhere that has horizontal strips for one took any.

I am officially fascinated with this noticeboard. i photograph it every couple of weeks to see what's changed.

Mary Plain said...

what a good project.. I am v tempted to copy you! I am always intrigued how tidy ours are, especialy the primary ed ones, lots of double mounting!

Mary Plain said...

in fact have just decided to have walk round and see how they look right now!

Joolz said...

I saw this notice board in NYC: