Friday, February 10, 2006

Dark and lonely water

The BBC is marking the 60th aniversary of the Central Office of Information (there's a discussion to be had about the English and their fascination with the concept of 'the centre'... perhaps another day) by releasing a range of archived films.

This one "Lonely water" was released in 1973 to warn children about the dangers of playing near water. I'm surprised it hasn't been reprised as a horror movie!

Provides an interesting insight into models of childhood in the 1970s.


Mary Plain said...

Just watched the video- amazing. And when you think of the outcry about some recent campaigns, even more interesting..

Digigran said...

GEE How scary is that? Even more so for me because the kids in the video are dressed like my own kids at that age. It came over just like the Blair Witch stuff. Don't know whether its' your clever Blogging or my clever new laptop but the video was very atmospheric. Thanks