Thursday, April 14, 2005

Safe blogging

BBC News online recentlly carried a story about an Iranian blogger jailed for 14 years for posting critical comments on the Iranian authorities' treatment of other bloggers. Associated with this imprisonment is a government crackdown on access to blog sites.

Its timely, then, that Electronic Frontier Foundation has released advice on how to blog safely How to blog safely (About work or anything else)


Joolz said...

Gruesome stuff. Did you also see the link on that same BBC page to the article on Blogs being a paedophile's dream? Funny, I did not think they would dream of blogs.

Harold Best said...

I think a reader in English (as opposed to, I suppose, a reader of English) would know the diffference between it's and its. The confusion shows an astonishing ignorance.

Harold Best said...
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Victoria Carrington said...

Hi Harold,
Yes it does. Thanks for your highly constructive comment. My only excuse of course, is that i'm australian!! (and yes, i realize that i have not capitalized).